Review 669

First thing I read when I came to this site was the little quote that’s near the top in pink. I refreshed the page and noticed that the quotes change every time you come to the site. I’m not sure where all the quotes come from, but some looked like they were some other webloggers which is cool. Might be nice to give them a little plug with a link, like the one by that said, “I’ve just decided to see if I can go a whole weekend without the internet. I hope so, otherwise I’m more pathetic than I already think I am.” I started to laugh when I read this later on about her quotes:

“If you want a quote listed, just email me and I’ll fling it up there. Sometimes you’ll have to refresh and refresh and refresh to find your quote. It’s not like I’m trying to beef up my hits either (read: I’m trying to beef up my hits).”

Layout’s okay, it has this dark, forest green look to it. On the side bar the author has links to other webloggers, a “diagnose” section which is more on the author, Tracy, such as her wish list, and bio where she says she’s a “Registered Nurse specializing in psychiatric and addictions treatment.” Her bio’s quite long, but creative because she uses every letter in the alphabet to reveal something about herself, like “C” was for cats which she hates, “F” is for friends of hers, “H” for hobbies and so on.

Now her weblog … I liked one of her most recent posts where she gives you some strange little facts about herself. “Sometimes when the image of the woman’s face pops up when I open Paint Shop Pro 7, I poke her in the eye with my cursor,” and, “I have to make a sentence out of the letters on car license tags at red lights. If the car in front of me has a plate with the letters ‘BMV 172,’ I have to come up with a sentence like ‘Boys move voraciously’ or ‘Bananas make vibrations.'”

Her writing kept me interested the whole time. It’s mostly about her job and what goes on there. You’re guaranteed to find some interesting stories here, I mean she IS a “registered nurse in psychiatric and addictions treatment.”

“I had a patient once who could not remember who the president was. She was about 99 years old, had no teeth, and had one (count it), one hair on her head. After several attempts at guessing, she finally said, ‘Oh shit, he’s the prick who’s fucking Monica Lewinsky.’ I’d say that was a big “alert and oriented.'”

I would have given the site a 5, but I was just a bit put off by the lengthy bio. But this site is really great and isn’t it about “time for your meds” anyway?Time For Your Meds