Review 668

First thought as this site was loading up: some 14 year old girl. She’s definitely into anime. The layout’s okay, a little too kid like for me though, but I like that her site’s simple and there isn’t a bunch of stuff everywhere. She also has little links to other people who she likes and a little info about herself.

Her blog, it’s okay. She tends to use little facial expressions in her posts, like >_< and -_- that gave her posts a little more emotion to what she was saying, but sometimes I didn't get them. Her posts are fairly short that talk about school or just about what's going on with her site or family:

“Another Monday. Another week. My mom’s coming home tomorrow; I hope her flight’s not delayed. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing her again. ^_^ At least that is something cheery to look forward to.”

But I did like her post about her visit to San Francisco where she talked about her day in Chinatown.

I wasn’t totally in her site, but it would be nice if she blogged more so you got more of a feeling of who she was and what her life was like.Ask Someone Else