Review 663

Good god. Or should I say goddess? With a name of web-goddess I was expecting some cam-girl-I’ll-do-anything-on-my-cam-if-you-buy-me-stuff type pages. Thankfully I was wrong.

First thing I noticed was that there are multiple posts for each day. That is a very good thing. It would also be hypocritical of her as in a recent post she wrote about how she likes sites that update frequently.

All of the posts are about her “real” life and her internet gossip, though the focus is on the later of the two. Currently she is residing in England and going to move to Australia. She is from the states and she makes a lot of comparisons between British life and US life.

The design of her site works real well for her. If you don’t like the color scheme of it, you can change it too, which is always a nice feature.

Her photo section of different events in her life is also a nice addition to the site. The site has a feel to that of a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time, but it doesn’t matter.

This site should be book marked by anyone interested in reading up on a daily life of someone.