Review 661

Just like the puppy dog in the name, this site is very charming.

The author posts fully-fleshed out, complete ideas chock full of gems like this one describing a Michael Jackson video:

“A crowd of dopey white people stood around, slack-jawed and amazed, as if they had never seen that Fred Astaire movie from 50 years ago.”

..and this one describing post-apocalyptic equiptment:

“I am not physically fit so hand to hand combat is out for me, and I guess I wouldn’t be too good against a scimitar in a knife fight. So I want a gun. And not one of those little ladies’ guns, either. I need one of those big boo-ya ones.”

Design-wise, the site seems to be a generic template… it looks exactly like Either that or someone borrowed someone’s design. Anyhow, that’s kindof lame. The design does, however, serve the delightful content up nicely without being gaudy.

The author’s age and musical tastes are distinctive and add a uniqueness and personality to this weblog. The occasional photograph are interesting and really spice up the posts.

The entries alternate between “cohesive, significant subjects”, and “these are the things that I did today”. The author’s writing style presents even the mundane as compelling.

This weblog is mature, thoughtful, and thorough. Quality, all around.