Review 660

Wow. Another site that just looks very slick. I had no clue what to expect with this site other than the anime characters up at the top.

The posts vary from post to post. Some are about her daily life, while others seem more to be a shout-out thing and others are straight anime posts. Shout-out thing? Yeah you know, So and so, nice layout, Oh before I forget hey So and so… Things like that.

One thing I will say is the author links an awful lot in her posts. Every name is practically linked, which at some points, I almost started clicking on all of them just to see what was going on. The downfall to this is it tells people to go away from one’s site.

The design is very well done. I couldn’t think of a better design for what the person is posting about.

Very well done site, with some minor dislikes. If you are into anime, then this is the site for you.

Twisted Thoughts