Review 554

It’s not certain where exactly nu-produkt is located, but judging from the bullet-proof grammar, diction, and syntax of the posts, and frequent UK-references, I’d say it was located somewhere in the Ozarks. I’m probably wrong, though. [Ed: Maybe I should have gone with my first guess… whatever.]

nu-produkt is a loose confederation of web designers (translation: a group blog), and is apparently operated by a fellow named littleboy. The design is excellent: non-intrusive, balanced, innovative. The site’s audience seems to be fairly broad–it earns about 1700 visits per month–yet parts of the page are probably only understood by a small group of people (the bloggers themselves, I presume).

The content is mostly web- and tech-based, usually short and bite-sized. I haven’t been disappointed with a single link yet. They recently completed a Shockwave-based game in which you can choose which nu-produkt blogger you want to be, and which enemy you want to destroy. If you beat the game, you win a nu-produkt t-shirt. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but I bet the t-shirt is cool.

The best thing about this site are the tidbits they throw in: random graphics and animations, sound clips, editorials, even a random lyric quite from Nas or Mos-Def.

nu-produkt seems only to have been around since mid-August, 2001, when they gave away their “twat of the year award” (don’t ask me). It’s not a “daily read” for me, but it’s certainly promising. Definitely worth the time to browse