Review 482

Ah, Neoflux. Home to many of the finer places in the blog world. Namely the Snoop Doggy Blog and the E/N Webring.

This is vaguely a web ‘zine, with a staff of five editors. One of the more interesting parts of the site is a Playboy-esque section of commentary called ‘contradiction’ that has some dated articles on last year’s elections appropriately accompanied by girly pix. There’s also a random topics section called ‘random topics’ that also has commentry (but with no girly pix, sorry), rants on abortion, and a witty comparison between bin Laden and the Old Dirty Bastard.

My favorite section is one called ‘goohoo watcher’ that has links to strange search strings (like “pictoral study of the women’s nipple” in google) that refer to Neoflux. Entertain yourself for hours.

Neoflux’s design is clean, tasteful and color-coordinated. It makes good use of greymatter, and doesn’t succumb to the kind of boring redundancy that sadly characterizes most gm sites.

This isn’t a daily read, but I’m certainly going to make it my exclusive source for Snoop Doggy Dizog updates.NeoFlux