Review 478

Black and white layouts for weblogs have become commonplace to the point of boredom; but the creator of carrie: online has taken her layout to a new and wonderful extreme. Seemingly designed to view best in MSIE, carrie: online is truly an attractive personal site that is sure to draw the reader’s eye. The splash page at carrie: online is seasonal and gives way to a pleasing and subtly feminine weblog layout. The layout invites reader interaction and actually makes the weblog entries fun to read.

The weblog entries, themselves, are personal. Carrie: online reads as a journal or diary and the author liberally sprinkles her entries with related links (including multimedia links) and quotes from songwriters and poets. There is no denying that carrie: online falls into the category of “chick blog”, but it is certainly at the top of said category and will hold appeal for most weblog readers regardless of gender.

The author’s style of writing is casual, yet her spelling and grammar are quite good. The overuse of emoticons and ellipses (i.e. …) is forgivable when compared to the overall quality of writing. One suggestion that the author may wish to consider is the use of a more noticeable font color for links within individual entries, as the current links are hard to detect without roaming the cursor over the whole of each entry.

Other enjoyable facets of carrie: online include a photo album and a well-detailed About Me page. This reviewer encourages prospective readers to fully explore carrie: online, as it is a truly worthwhile personal site.

Reviewer Note: Carrie: online is NOT related to and/or affiliated with the reviewer in any form or manner.

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