Review 3685

At first glance, the website for the credit card processing company BluePay almost seems to be a personal weblog, with attractive little icons and an engaging auto slider on the top of the home page that unobtrusively features different aspects of BluePay’s business.

You might not think it would be very easy to make such a visually attractive site for a company that sells integrated payment processing, credit card processing, and all in one merchant accounts but that is exactly what the designers of this website have accomplished, to their credit.

When dealing with abstract financial products it is important to present them simply as well as give people the functionality they need to dig deeper to learn more about these products, and this site certainly does.

I was amazed that even at a glance I’m able to determine whether I have a need for the types of services that BluePay offers because they are listed above the fold on the home page, accompanied by the tiny icons that I mentioned before.

You are also offered the clear opportunity to chat with an online representative live, or to e-mail the company with further questions you might have.

The best websites are ones that used deceptively simple presentation to convey myriad complex ideas, and if you go over, I think you’ll find like I did that the company hits the sweet spot between great design and being informative.NULL