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The website houses the Internet presence of a physician and medical web design company that clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to creating engaging, attractive and functional websites for the medical industry.

If the website itself is any indication you’re in good hands with Officite, and understanding exactly how this website is designed so effectively could help web designers who aspire to do more than simply inform but also to create and promote a brand, whether for a company or even a personal weblog.

The site features a series of information blocks that communicate different aspects of Officite’s design capabilities. The site makes a clear connection between delivering new customers for their clients and their ability to send compelling messages to customers through outstanding design, performing local search marketing, constructing mobile websites for clients, incorporating social media and blogging into client site designs, and even serving as a doctor portal for client sites as well.

There is even a testimonial section of satisfied clients, as there really should be on any site that promises customer satisfaction nowadays. sits on the WordPress content management system, which has become the most popular way to create not only blogs but also static sites for people or businesses or even interesting hybrid sites that take on elements of both weblogs and static informational homepages that don’t need to change very often.

If you would like to see just how far you can go with WordPress to create a serious commercial web presence that caters to physicians and other medical professionals, go take a look act