Vegetarian Advocacy Website

“why i don’t eat meat …” is a Blogspot blog that shows us once again how the blog format can very easily give people a way to express views on subjects about which they are passionate. The site is well-written and attractive, and deserves a visit, especially if you are sympathetic to vegetarian or vegan views or would like to know more about them.

I was impressed at the way in which every single post has multiple reference links to authoritative websites, thereby reinforcing the site’s arguments for eating less meat, or none at all. Another critical element of the site is its liberal use of high quality images, which only serve to increase readers’ engagement. There are advertisements on the site, but since they fit perfectly with the subject matter they are unobtrusive; vegetarians and vegans will probably even find them useful.

As indicated by post titles such as “A vegan diet drastically reduces asthma symptoms” and “Daily consumption of red meat can rob the body of calcium”, this site appeals more to our rational, scientific sensibilities instead of relying only on ethical arguments, strong as those arguments might be. Much of the focus here is on the negative effects that eating meat have on our health, and even carnivores might just find that this blog makes a very compelling case for not eating meat.

“why i don’t eat meat …” would be an excellent site to bookmark or put in your RSS feed reader if you have been thinking about making the switch to a plant-base diet, or to forward to someone whose health might be improved by doing so. And, if you’ve been thinking about creating your own website around a topic that’s important to you, you should take a look at it as an example of really superior execution on every front.why i don’t eat meat