Review 361

Perfect weblogs do not exist. Everyone makes errors, be it spelling or grammar, layout or design, content or a lack thereof. There simply is no such thing as a perfectly flawless, 5.0 rated weblog.

Yes, there is. It is entitled aka cooties and it is, indeed, perfect. Aka cooties is a substantial blend of keen personal observation, timely content, external links, and original graphics. The layout is playfully sleek, yet reader friendly. It is color blocked to showcase the author’s various talents and the navigation is both easy and attractive in this layout. To note, the site views equally well in NS 6.1 and MSIE 5.5.

Content at aka cooties ranges from recent events to the author’s stock portfolio, and everything in between. The entries are written with panache and wit; and, the style of writing is almost cozy, inviting the reader to dig in and read on through the archives. The author’s lack of capitalization is intentional and helps to impart a wry ee cummings-ish quality to the overall writing. Grammar, spelling, tense and tone are well-maintained throughout the whole of aka cooties, making for eminently readable entries. The author of aka cooties seems to write mostly for his own enjoyment, yet his entries do entice the reader to join in by leaving a comment or two. Other features of aka cooties include the author’s graphics (including Flash animation) portfolio and his cheekily described “world’s most boring webcam.”

Aka cooties is an outstanding weblog well deserving of its 5.0 rating. Its mix of content and style is sure to please even the most jaded of weblog readers.

aka cooties