Friko’s Musings Literary Website

When someone who is sensitive and literate pours thoughtful commentary about their myriad interests into a blog, the reader is fortunate to encounter a website that can be every bit as multifaceted as the creator of the site. Friko’s Musings is just this sort of blog, and an example of how the blog form gives voice to people who, while possibly without having been published in the traditional sense, deserve a platform from which they might share their musings with the world. The world is a better place for it.t

Friko is especially interested in poetry and literature and the blog is sprinkled with short stories, character sketches and snippets of original poetry reflecting this. Human nature, history and gardening are also areas that favored by the author, and covered extensively on the site. Reading through the posts on the blog feels like a dialogue with a new friend whose interests lie in almost any subject under the sun. People such as this and conversations one has with them are often exhilarating simply for the broad range of subjects into which one might potentially delve on any given day. It’s a reason to bookmark Friko’s Musings or put it into your RSS feed reader.

Friko is originally from Germany but has lived in the UK for decades, and is apparently based in a gorgeous part of the English countryside. Another of the site’s high points are the photographs of her natural surroundings, and the glimpses of nature provide wonderful counterpoint to the wide scope of the blog posts.

Friko’s Musings is a blogspot blog, and if you have ever wondered just how personalized a site created with this popular, free blogging platform can be, take a look at this site. Friko’s blog is a clearly labor of love, and is proof that the more of yourself you pour into your site, the less relevant the software with which you choose to create is. If you enjoy commentary on poetry and literature in the context of well-written glimpses of life in rural England, you should give this blog a look. You might very well find a kindred spirit in Friko and for many people this site will be worthy of regular visits.