Review 3441

When you see a title like Mobile Workforce Blog, it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be reading. While it’s not exactly something I go hunting to find when I’m doing a little bit of online reading, I definitely have an interest in the subject. I was excited to see what type of additional input the author(s) of this weblog would have to contribute to the other sites out there just like it.

The site loaded very quickly and it’s layout is very simple. It’s a three-column layout powered by, and looks very clean and is very easy to navigate – a bonus with any website at all. The design implements gray text on a white background and includes orange hyperlinks, which is very easy on the eyes.

I wanted to start at the beginning with this weblog, like I do every weblog. According to the list of authors, there should only be about 29 entries to sort through, and if I look at the categories, it shows I should only be reading five entries that fall into the category of hardware. On the other hand, there’s probably at least two dozen different tags that have been assigned to various posts. My point? Navigating through the archives is very confusing and nearly annoying.

I had to scroll through 19 page of archives before I found the beginning. That’s frustrating considering it could have been done with one click had the entries been archived appropriately.

A lot of the technology-based posts are just informational posts, lacking any type of opinion about a particular product. Obviously if I wanted information that essentially could be listed on the product’s box, I’d go to the manufacturer’s website – not this weblog.

I found a post from October 2007 that talks about a company called igroup, and after reading a bit more, I found that igroup is the company that’s sponsoring this blog. There’s even a phone number to a sales team you can call if you have any questions.

This weblog has a lot of information, but it’s definitely not going to make a big splash into the internet waters unless it does something to set itself apart from the other billions of technology-related sites on the ‘net. So far, it hasn’t done it at all.