Review 3435

There are some sites that you know exactly what they are before you get to them. Ticketmaster Presale Passwords and News is pretty straight forward and if it was anything but that I would be surprised.

So one thing that drives me crazy is when a blog is littered with advertisements and it prevents you from accessing the meat of the site. This site doesn’t do that and actually places the ads where they should be. Major props for that.

The content of the site is just what you expect it to be. Presale passwords for different concerts. Now I don’t go to concerts all that often, but the few times I have, I used a presale password to get better tickets. I had to listen to a radio station at specific times in order to get that password which was a pain. Now they are all right in one place.

This blog does one thing and does it well. There isn’t much content, but then again, I didn’t expect there to be. Is this one that you should read every day? Probably not. But if you are excited about a concert this is a blog you should definitely check out.NULL