Review 3435

Well, that’s useless.

Allegedly, this site gives you codes so you can obtain presale access to Ticketmaster listed shows. Not wanting to see any of the acts listed on the first several pages, I find this site useless. In a world where places like StubHub and scalping agencies get all the best tickets first, I doubt that even with this password tool the seats you’ll get are anything other than just in the building.

I also found it interesting that there isn’t a real “about us” page here, and that each entry offers you a StubHub link so you can sell unwanted tickets. Hmmm. Wonder if there is a connection.

I have no way to test the site out, I have no idea if these passwords actually work. I do think it is funny that someone was so genius as to set up the password “VANHALEN” for Van Halen tickets (I would have set the password up as HasBeen, personally…)

I did find the categories section helpful, listed out by band name and how many entries there are for them, you can find out codes for your favorite group or show. Makes using this site a lot easier if you actually are going to search for passwords.

As a user out in the world, I’m sure if you, dear reader, are going to find this site helpful, but if you do, drop us a line and let us know if you got sweet seats of Eucker Seats. I’d like to know.

And, by the way, just for the record, you’re better off joining a fan club of a band to get the band’s access code. Guster and Barenaked Ladies both have great presale options, and I’ve never gotten worse than third row seats for my favorite bands when they tour, through the fan club. NULL