Review 3434

The first look at the Bsketti blog confuses me. It is just Bsketti (whatever it may mean) in the title, a less mysterious subtitle – ‘I am not Spartacus’, and a paper crane in a header picture. What the hell is this about? Well, these were my initial thoughts.

However, there are other things I noticed immediately. This is a standard wordpress blog – from the address, to the design. We can even see a ‘Meta’ list at the bottom of the page (login, and stuff).

This leads us to the topic of design. Well, it is clear, easy-to-read, has a nice header picture and an ‘About Me’ page. These were all of the good points. The rest is just terrible. There are no archives and no categories! In return we have a lot of ‘WordPress Snapshot’ links which makes it difficult to surf the blog and irritates me. Generally, The design is neat, simple, boring, typical, and lacks elemental features.

Well, let’s take a closer look at the content of the blog: ‘What is it about?’. In the ‘About Me’ section we can read that the author is Rebecca and probably lives in Germany. Nice. She likes nature and some minstrel stories. Cool. So, what is so interesting about it to make us read?

Not much. I admit I am not a fan of ‘personal’ blogs and that is what Bsketti is. It tries to be a travel blog, but it is not. Of course, this does not have to mean it will not be interesting. We can read about her work, travels, flat, thoughts, observations and other typical stuff. Some of her thoughts are more interesting and original while others are not.
But, there is one thing that I do not like: the style of writing. Rebecca tends to write long sentences (like 50+ words) and use plenty of adjectives. Some people will like it for sure, but I don’t.

So, what have we got here for now? A not very attractive design and a bit difficult style of writing. Time to find some advantage for the balance.

And there is one. Some of the photos Rebecca adds to her post are ugly and not very well taken. But some of them are just brilliant. I don’t know if she had taken them herself or simply copied, but some of pictures of nature are beautiful. I recommend putting one of them as a header image.

Despite my great sympathy for Rebecca, her blog at the current state is not worth visiting. If I were her, I would work on the design and concentrate at her travels, nature, the minstrel stories, because it seems that is what she likes most, and there is not enough of this. Because of this, I give the blog a 2.NULL