Review 3424

Some blogs you have this feeling that you are going to get something completely different than what you expect. With the name of Investment Postcards from Cape Town I for some reason thought it would be more of a vacation home type site. I was wrong.

First thing when I got to the site I noticed was the nice design that was in place. I don’t think it was a template that was modified, but actually a design for this site. It looks too good to just be a template. But I was wrong. So kudos to the author for using a template that works well for his site. The image of the island again gave me the idea that it was going to be vacation homes, but alas I was wrong.

The blog is about investments. Not just a specific type, though gold seems to be the favored item, but all types. There are posts about the Dow, foreign markets, oil prices, and well pretty much everything that I can vaguely remember from my one business econ course from over a decade ago.

The posts are well written which tells me that the author is well educated and well read. Of course he should be well read considering he is posting about investment advice. Some of the posts are just advice from previous things, while others have charts and graphs to explain what is going on.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t understand much of it. What I do know however is that this is how a blog like this should be done. This is done with pure love for his trade. The site isn’t over run with advertisements or quick referral bonuses. No this is about his advice and his knowledge of this business.

Overall I can’t give this blog better than average due to the fact that I hardly understood much of it. I am not in this guys target audience and therefore do not get it. People who are into investing should definitely check this blog out.