Review 3424

Aside from a randomly placed YouTube video of lions attacking a baby buffalo, fighting over it with an alligator (or maybe a crocodile), and a herd of buffalo going back to rescue the calf that had been attacked, I can’t tell you one other thing I remember from this blog. I’m blaming that on the fact that I have no knowledge and no interest to gain knowledge on the international investment scene, which is this blog’s focus.

Something like this falls into such a specific category that it’s going to be hard-pressed to find random readers that haven’t specifically typed “Dow Jones Industrial Index’s average performance for each calendar month since 1950” into Google with the hopes of finding something like Investment Postcard from Cape

The author does a very thorough job in explaining each of his posts, and those with more of a finance/investment-related background will no doubt find these entries insightful and quite informative.

Design-wise, it’s hosted through WordPress, so naturally has a standard template provided by WP. The author has added some customized buttons along the sidebar highlighting his “Gold Standard Certification”. Many of the posts included graphs that justify the information in the post, but more often then not, the labels on the graph are too small to read and there’s no way to enlarge the graphs to see more detail.

While I don’t doubt Prieur du Plessis “is one of the most experienced and well-known investment professionals in South Africa”, I don’t think the blog-world is the place for him to be. If he could find some type of South Africa finance related magazine, it’d be a much more suitable market.NULL