Review 3409

This is a website designed and run by an outfit called First Release Homes, to link together their builders and with buyers of new homes. The look and feel of the blog actually made me laugh. The blonde most-likely-affluent woman with the construction hat on gazing dreamily up into the air as I guess she is picturing how wonderful her new home is going to look just simply cracked me up. The little finger to chin thing, the grin… ech.

It is the worst graphic ever. Moving on to the rest of the site and getting over the annoying header graphic, the blog lists out city-by-city places where you can find new release homes. This feature is hardly useful. I live in the Metro Boston area and there are two homes listed by Clayton Homes in “Boston.” But based on the photos I can honestly say those houses aren’t in Boston. I have no idea where they actually ARE. And there is a big difference if I’m shopping for the Boston Area between Revere and Quincy. So this was pointless.

The New York City section was a lot more interesting, as I stood at the base of the William Beaver house on a recent trip into the city and pondered (without construction hat and finger to my chin, but yes — looking up dreamily) what it would be like to live here. It is my favorite section of Manhattan, within walking distance to my favorite bar. If I ever have 2 million dollars, maybe I’ll buy a condo there.

The blog portion introduces new cities and builders and announces new developments. It was dull and not at all interesting.

I find no use for blogs like this. I think that First Release Home’s website is fine on its own, and they don’t need a blog at all. Plus, there are a lot more pictures of the affluent blonde woman and her somewhat younger-period Alec Baldwinesque looking husband in their five steps to home ownership.

I’m giving this one a rating of 2. NULL