Review 3408

Pointless Banter is a site that I have heard of before, but never visited. I know I have seen links to it on other sites, and I have actually heard people talking about it. Well maybe they just said the words Pointless and Banter, but that has to count for something right?

The site opens to a nice custom design. It has a fluid rounded thing going for it for the logo and the navigation at the top which frames the advertisements nicely. I like it when blogs integrate the ads into their site rather than make them painful to stare at. The site has a 3 column layout but the 2 right hand columns are for additional information rather than have a left column and a right column. This works well for the site.

The blog is about pretty much whatever the author wants it to be. The topics range from funny items to interviews to thoughts on what happened that day. All the posts are very well written and you can see the funny side that the author is getting at.

This blog has been around for a long time. Thankfully the author has multiple ways of displaying the archives. One of the nice touches is that he has the “previous entries” style at the bottom of each page, and when clicked it tells you what page of how many.

One of the nice bonuses of the site is that the author wrote a book. The book is two years worth of his blog posts, with new introductions.

Overall I enjoyed this site a lot. The writing is great and the content is very funny. I am half tempted to buy the book as I think it would be a good read. I can’t stress how much I enjoyed this site. You should add it to your RSS reader now.NULL