Review 3408 is an interesting blog. The author takes on many different topics. The blog has been around since August of 2004 and I feel will be around for a long time to come. After reading through many of his blogs, I found the one on pay per review almost humorous considering what I was doing.

Who am I to review this blog? Will someone pay me to review something? Obviously so! Anyways I don’t know him (I am guessing him based on his about me section, but I could not find a name or anything definitive so if I am wrong I am sorry), but here I am reviewing what he has written.

The blog is laid out in a simple manner. The main part of the blog has a white background with black or dark grey letters. It has a simple red bar separating the different posts with a dark grey background. Simple, but it is actually a nice presentation. It doesn’t have distracting advertisements like so many are doing today. I hate advertisements on blogs; I don’t think Google pays that well, luckily this site just has a couple at the top.

The posts are interesting. They take on many different topics/categories: celebrities, love, drunken mistakes, hate mail, pop culture… the list goes on and on. A blog should be about many different topics so I think the author hits that on the money. The posts themselves keep the reader interested. I find his evaluations on many things a good read. It has something for everyone. Even though cheesy crackers with peanut butter got ripped in his March 27, 2007 post, I still cannot bring myself to reaching through my screen and pushing the “scrlk” button on his keyboard.

Keep in mind that this blog does have some fowl language, but it is kept to a minimum and helps to express his feelings.

I would recommend this blog to others. It appears to be thorough in topics and interestingly discussed. I give this blogger a 4 on our scale, but as he puts it who am I to review something. Keep blogging, you got my interest. My only problem is deciding what category to suggest the blog be posted under. I think I will leave it at Humor even though he talks about so many different things.