Review 3401

This is not a blog. This is a blog-templated marketing site for a book called “The Most Personal Addiction. How I Overcam Sex Addiction and How Anyone Can Overcome It” by Joe Zychik.

Usually, blogs have entries that are dated and the content within is updated semi-regularly. There are no entries here that are dated — there are four “articles” which introduce concepts he discusses in his book. The archives page is empty except for the links inviting readers to go to yet another blog which is a table of contents for his entire book. .

This link is at the bottom of the four “articles” (aka entries) so the goal is to get you to come over there and do more reading. This is more of a business site to get people to come read the book and possibly contact the author for further advice. He even includes his phone number and address, which means he actually wants people to get ahold of him. Most people don’t put that information out into the world unless they’re looking to get clients and make money… But I’m not sure. I can’t quite tell if he runs a business as a clinical, licensed therapist at this point or what his actual business is.

The page layout is black background with white text, which everyone on earth by now (I would hope) knows this is a no-no. After reading the “entries” I closed my eyes and saw the text of the page burned and imprinted on the inside of my eyelids.

There’s not much else to review here. The content is repetitive, the articles weren’t of concern to me because I’m not addicted to sex (I’m addicted to Futurama and The Simpsons, so perhaps some of the advice included could perhaps help me… but hey, I can quit any time I want to!). They were well written but … it’s not a blog.

I have to give the site a 1. Because it is not a blog with refreshed, interesting, timely, up-to-date content. Even if the content is slightly interesting. A blog it is not. And that is the end purpose of The Weblog Review. NULL