Review 3374

Tom Sheehan is a digital photo blog. Tom Sheehan is also the man responsible for all the pictures on the blog.

These days, everyone with a digital camera is a “photographer”. People will easily drop a grand on the latest and greatest digital camera and claim to be well on their way to the land of professional photography. Because of this, I was a bit leery upon loading Tom’s blog. Shortly after it loaded, though, my uneasiness was laid to rest. Tom really is a true photographer.

The layout is very simple. It’s a standard two-column design, with a customized header that features the top of a digital camera. The sidebar is not only lists the archives of the site by category, but also provides links to various other places on the web photography enthusiasts might deem useful or just entertaining.

Tom typically posts a photo every day. Like every blogger, though, there’s sometimes a day or two between posts. From time to time, he’ll also post a rant or write about the memories that go along with a specific photo he posts. The entries mainly consist of one of Tom’s photographs and a brief description of its composition.

A somewhat unique addition to each individual post is a poll of sorts that lets readers choose whether or not they liked the actual post. It’s places between the text of the post and the area where readers can leave comments, so it’s not as obtrusive as it may sound. It’s also a great tool in giving the author direction on where to take his blog in order to maintain (and potentially grow) his fan base.

As someone who finds great interest in photography, I enjoyed the times when he included the settings he used for a particular picture.

Tom Sheehan is a good blog. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy a good picture, and Tom does a good job of making sure his photo details don’t shoot over the Average Joe’s head.NULL