Review 3374

The nice part about people submitting a category with their blog is it really gives me an idea of what is going on. Especially when said category is Photography. There are a lot of photoblogs out there, and sites like Flickr have helped increase the number of them. With that said lets have some fun looking at pictures.

Before we get into the pictures themselves, lets talk about the design. The main content area has a black background which is great for helping to make pictures pop. The header has a picture of a camera, which of course fits, into the site. The site also has a basic two-column layout with information on the left and the pictures on the right.

One thing I have point out is the archive system. I really hate it when sites do not have archives in a chronological order and instead just give you the archives via categories. I have written numerous reviews on this issue and yet I still am faced with it. I don’t care if you have 4 categories or 40 categories, it is simple to do, all the major tools let you do this, so do it.

Ok with that out of the way lets talk about the pictures. A good friend of mine once said his photos were fantastic, and if you didn’t believe him, just look at how stunning his pictures look at 72 dpi instead of 300dpi. The same is true for this site. The pictures are vivid and interesting. Also it took me a couple minutes, but the photographer puts a nice colored matte around each picture. At first I thought there was a standard matte, but then I realized that each one is a different color based on the colors and composition of the photograph.

Overall this is a good site to look at. I have my issues with the archives, but I can get over that because this is a photography site. Tom knows what he is doing and I think everyone should take a look at his pictures.