Review 3368

Diggings is a blog that coincides with the job search site, which is a site I’ve used several times for different job search related research. The brief about section on the site describes it as a “blog about recruitment advertising, media, publishing, HR, work, & technology, among other things.” I’m not sure what the “other things” might be, as everything I’ve read throughout the site falls right into the job hunt/research niche.

When I first entered the site, I was greeted by what seems to be a perfect layout for this kind of blog. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and doesn’t at all distract from the main purpose of the blog – the actual posts. If it is a default WordPress layout, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen.

The archives are laid out in a very convenient matter, especially for a site like this. Readers can either scroll through monthly archives or choose from a list of categories along the sidebar. There’s also an option to subscribe to a newsletter, which is ideal for people that don’t have time to read this blog on a regular basis.

A good portion of the entries focus on things happening in the upper Midwest, particularly the ups and downs of our print media. Since I live in Minneapolis, I was able to connect with these entries, as well as learn other points of view on the subjects at hand, other than what I’d read in the local newspapers or blogs.

The blog began in April 2006, and several entries since then really popped out to me as a better than average entry. In May 2007, the author explains to the viewers why he blogs. He justifies why he spends his time posting frequently to the internet, and after reading his reasons, I don’t think anyone could argue with why he continues blogging.

While this site isn’t really something I’d find myself reading daily, I did enjoy the time I spent going through the archives. I certainly wouldn’t list the topics this blog covers as my favorite things in the world. However, next time I embark on a job hunt, I can honestly say I’m armed with some helpful information thanks to the time I spent reading Diggings.NULL