Review 3333

“The Repeal of Gravity Bog” I expect to be someone blogging on a new level, defying common thought and bringing a new feel and thought to the blogging world. Just an initial thought to begin with. At first glance through the site, I notice that there are many images; I wonder how they play into the thought of the author.

The authors name is Lois and I have a feeling that he is an interesting character; of course you would have to be to announce your candidacy for US President in 2008 on your personal blog. It appears the author has a since of humor and appears to be playing into the numbers of candidates claiming to be running for president.

The site has a typical blogger layout. Simple center pain containing the blog itself with the personal bio links on the right hand side. The site has an easy on the eyes color scheme which I feel is important, if the author is expecting to get returning visits by online surfers. I feel that a more personalized theme would be appropriate and maybe a good building point to move this blog into its own category, based on my initial concept of the name.

The blog has been around since March of 2006 and has featured articles on many different random thoughts. From personal issues to science to politics. This blog is all over the map and has not logical order. It appears to be the author stating to himself, “I think I will talk about for a little bit tonight”. A blog with this form is very hard to follow. I don’t agree with all of his comments on politics or science, but that is not for me to judge a person’s opinion on a topic. My job is to review the blog.

If you are looking for a blog that talks about science, politics, pop culture and personal issues, this site might be for you, but I don’t feel the author truly thinks through all of his thoughts prior to writing about them. I think the author takes a naïve thought into his topics.

I would recommend this site mainly to persons who know Louise. I feel this blog is geared toward his personal reasons and local friends and family members that just want to keep up on what he is thinking. I rate this blog at a 3 for I don’t feel it is fit for most of the world or brings anything new and exciting to the blogging world.