Review 3332

When I read the title of Two Pink Lines, I knew exactly what type of blog I’d be reviewing. I don’t have any type of personal experience with pregnancy and the ups and downs it comes with, but I am the type of blog-reader that tends to enjoy a blog that comes with intimately getting to know the author. Q, the author of Two Pink Lines, instantly draws readers in with intimate details starting when she first saw Two Pink Lines.

Q has just made it through her first trimester of this pregnancy (her second in the blog’s seven month existence) and doesn’t hold back when she writes. The posts, which are typically quite lengthy and full of details that almost border on the too much information line (which the author warns us!), come as frequently as Q can get in front of a computer. They’re written very well, in an easy to follow and conversational manner.

I wish this blog was hosted on its own domain, as opposed to Blogspot. I’m sure the parents-to-be have more important things on their plate than worrying about setting up a domain name and working out a more original design for this blog, so points can’t really be deducted for that. The standard two-column layout, featuring black print on a white background, is very clean and easy to navigate. The addition of different links and graphics in the sidebar add to the information people can glean from this site, as well as the overall appearance to it.

This is another blog that falls into an all-or-nothing category. Either readers will love following the daily and detailed experiences of Q and her family, or they won’t. I can’t imagine too much of a middle ground, with a reader thinking they’ll only occasionally check in with Two Pink Lines. There’s too much going on for readers to only check back once a month. NULL