Review 3223

The first thing I noticed when I loaded bryce.web into my browser was a layout that was different than the biggest portion of the personal weblogs on the ‘net. The very first entry on the site was an explanation of where one of my favorite expletives came from – I don’t know how true it is, but it grabbed my attention in any case.

I jumped right into his site, where his posts begin in November 2005. The majority of his posts are just bits of trivial information he has pilfered from the internet, with a few links for readers to follow if they want more information. I’ll admit – had it not been for this weblog, I would have never known a set identical twins voluntarily had one of their arms removed and attached to the other twin. Too bad it ended up fake!

The site is fun because Bryce does post links that not everyone would find in their average trip through the internet. From bizarre to quite interesting, he pretty much covers it all in his very brief posts.

The layout of the site looks to be something that Bryce has done himself. Black text on a white background is where the blog entries are written. Shades of blue and some black and green compliment the rest of the layout.

From the “About” section of the site, Bryce indulges his readers in a few random bits of trivia about himself.

Overall, the posts that Bryce makes are fine. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, but the links he provides give readers something to entertain themselves with. It’s a fun site to occasionally visit, just as it appears to be a fun place for Bryce to occasionally post his internet findings.