Review 3192

Blogs are like sanctuaries for many people, somewhere to turn to and become introspective and reflective. Nick’s is no exception although his blog sometimes sounds more like a letter to his friends, a point of contact as many personal blogs are. As I log in, I am welcome by a sleek design, complimentary colors and mostly well designed layout (MSN Spaces). Further contributing to the MS conspiracy, the template breaks in my Apple Safari browser and modules overlap, pictures don’t scale properly.

To say our author, 31 year old englishman Nick, is into god is an understatement. Nick is IN-to god. Reading through the last few months of posts I would say maybe %75 relate to or mention or conclude with a godly message, so despite being a personal blog Nick’s site is also thematically charged. He wants us to know about his piety and like a lovestruck boyfriend shouting from the mountain tops. Its all good, but I often wonder whether these kinds of personal sites are merely professing their faith (ie preaching to the converted) or trying to “spread the word” as New Testament dogma often demands. Either way, there are several well thought out posts here offering opinions that I, mostly, can agree with despite my secular ways.

Nick seems like a nice bloke, and even says in his tagline that he values his friends and doesn’t really have any enemies which is a nice way to live. The site is a little cluttered with more links that you can poke a click at, but well presented and well written. He does gets a tad preachy however which only furthers the christian stereotype of fundamental zealotry, though I know by reading deeper that Nick isn’t necessarily this way inclined. He is honest, open and searching and this shines through in Nick’s Sanctuary. NULL