Review 3120

Initially I though “oh great, I’m not even going to be able to read this blog” because of the title and since I’m not anywhere near being French, but I was mistaken. All joking aside, I thought it looked very clean and easy to read, which it was.

Although I’m not a big fan of “man bashing” because well..I am one, Gloria is quick witted and has some pretty humorous posts relating to ex-boyfriends she’s had. I especially liked the one about the lawyer. Gloria seems to be very intelligent with a free independent spirit and she shows it in her writing.

The design is very nice “for a girl’s blog”, just kidding! No really, the design of the site is very nice with subtle color blends and is a very easy blog to read. She doesn’t write using run on sentences or boring descriptions which is very nice. This is a blog I could easily sit down with a cup of joe, relax and enjoy (in a manly sort of way of course).

I would definitely recommend this blog to others. Especially other guys who’d like that little bit of woman’s insight in their lives.NULL