Review 3113

Who needs Therapy? All therapists do is sit there and say “Uh huh.” and “Go on” and “So how did that make you feel?”. For many, their web log is form of therapy where they can vent their frustrations and shake their fist at the world, or simply write knowing that someone, somewhere is reading and this is comforting indeed.

Sicker Than Others reads this way, and with sections such as Baby A, Teenagers, Day to Day, Depression, Work, Coping and Ailments our author navigates us through the trials an tribulations of motherhood. The introductory “Birth Story” tells us the painful and harrowing experience of birthing complications and is beautifully punctuated with honesty and profanity throughout.

Green pillars frame the edges of the blog and a bright red header giving it a very christmas-like feel which I’m not sure is intentional as primary colors such as these don’t sit well side-by-side but then maybe thats just me. Next to the sparkly title “Some are Sicker Than Others” is a raccoon with a photoshopped tongue which immediately looks like some kind of dodgy internet site maybe I shouldn’t be looking at, before I begin to read and realize this is an innocent motif. Although the boxy template doesn’t appeal to my basic sense of design, it is easy to navigate and our author has setup the right hand menu system nicely.

It would be easy to dismiss this blog as a rant-driven site except for the fact that a lot of its content is very relevant and probably helpful and comforting for others in her situation. These people may find solace in the words therein, as the author does by writing them.

The language is simple, although often verbose, and doesn’t hold back. It shows a no-nonsence, straight to the point account of motherhood and although is necessarily cynical, shines with sarcasm and wit also. An easy read. NULL