Review 3099

Let me warn you when you first click this link that you’re not going to be greeted with a blog, but rather with an RSS feed. This was a bit distracting at first as I didn’t think to check the URL type when I first clicked. However, it’s very easy to get to the blog itself by removing the “/atom.xml” from the URL. But alas! This points us to a directory rather than a blog. This review isn’t starting so good as I have to find the “blog.html” file to actually start looking at the blog.

The design is very basic, a Blogger standard, and one of my least favorites. However, I don’t see it ten times a day, and I guess that may be why this is the theme that was chosen. It’s simple grey and white with nothing much beyond the basic Blogger plugins (archives, profile area, etc.). If you scroll down all the way you can see there are a few “Sponsor Links” the author has added, but beyond that there isn’t really much.

Let’s begin on the content of this site. As the title suggests, it’s mostly targeted to those who are interested in web hosting. The posts are littered with links and not that interesting to me, since I have absolutely no interest in changing webhosts right now. Probably ninety percent of the people who already have blogs know everything that this blog has to offer. A lot of the posts are shorter, and don’t really grab any interest. It felt like I was reading notes from a computer sciences class.

If you don’t know a lot about hosting, computers, and what have you and would like a way to learn some of the basics, this blog might catch your interest. For the average reader, however, there’s just not enough to keep people coming back for more.NULL