Review 3096

The subtitle says it all: “web site design, usability, web site promotion, search engine marketing, etc.” It’s a blog bursting with information about anything-computer. The author, Pinyo, writes entries that help the general public on matters of computers and blogging.

The entries Pinyo post are informative and, I’m sure, very helpful to anyone in need of help in such areas. He writes about new applications and tools one can use in blogging and he also gives the ups and downs of each.It has quite a big number of entries already considering it’s a relatively new blog. It just started las October 2005. There’s even an entry describing the cause and effect of the sudden traffic. Very good advice for people who want more people to drop by their site.

The blog’s layout is simple, but definitely efficient. The colors mesh just fine and the different links are categorized neatly on the side. You can even sign up for a free newsletter. The layout is pretty generic but it works just fine.

The blog is a great source of news and opinions for anyone interested in the industry. The blog isn’t about sensationalism so don’t expect to find what you might see in an ordinary blog. This one is quite special. If you’re in the computer/blogging industry, then drop by and take a look. You’ll find yourself interested enough to sign up for the newletter. NULL