Review 3095

I was able to sit down and read this entire weblog within the span of an hour. It’s only been up and running for three months, and with the author’s new job, there haven’t been a lot of recent posts. However, for me to be able to sit and read the entire thing without getting bored, I think the author is off to a really good start.

As the site loads, I notice it’s using a tiresome Blogger template. Those templates are a great idea to use for those that aren’t familiar with HTML or don’t want to be bothered by coming up with something on their own. When they’re repeated over and over and over, though, they do grow tiresome. The author doesn’t do much to personalize the template. The standard links to archives, her Blogger profile, and the links she frequently visits fill the sidebar.

From the profile, we learn that the author is a 20 year old student. She lists her name as Ella, but from reading through the site, I learned that Ella is actually her dog’s name. Anonymity on the internet is always a good idea.

Thanks to the way that the author writes, we actually get to see things play out in her life. Her first posts explains that she’s finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon, and with each post, readers can see that she’s becoming more and more comfortable with the idea.

We read about her applying for jobs and scheduling interviews. The latest post, on November 14th, mentions her landing one of the jobs she had mentioned applying for in a previous post. And through reading post after post, readers also experience the ups and downs of her relationship with her on-again/off-again boyfriend.

The author touches on subjects that have to do with current media, like Oprah’s most recent Child Predatory Watch or how she relates to certain popular song lyrics. There are other posts, though, that seem like messages directed towards just one or two people instead of something that a random reader would understand.

This weblog is a very personal one. The author admits to trying to come to terms with herself in the description of the weblog. Readers experience her life as it happens, and she doesn’t really hold anything back. For people checking the site out for the first time, I would highly recommend going back to the first day of this site and catching up on the last couple of months in the author’s life. It’s a very quick and enjoyable read.NULL