Review 3072

Ladelentes, what does that mean anyway? I was intrigued by the title and by the nice layout of the blog but I was disappointed when I clicked on the profile and didn’t get much info on the author other than she’s female and lives in the United Kingdom. I suppose not offering up much info about yourself is ok but I was disappointed, I like to know more about the blog authors I visit.

Most of the posts on this blog are short and simple. I say simple because the posts really consist of a few incomplete sentences containing thoughts. There doesn’t seem to be any order or story to the posts, which sort of left me detached. Although I liked the posts in an artful, poetic sort of way, after reading them they all started to blend together. I could create a picture in my mind about what the author is describing and sometimes even feeling, but since she didn’t provide any in depth description of herself, it was hard for me to really connect to anything she wrote about. I love poetry and these posts did have some poetic style to them. I had to assume that the author was going for more of a poetic stance rather than trying to provide some sort of window to her soul.

The design of the site is easy to read. Nice bold typeface and links down the left-hand side made this blog easy to navigate. I also liked the page title and the lack of capitol letters throughout the entire site because it emphasizes the poetic quality of the blog.

I didn’t see many extras on the blog but I did notice a link named ’43 things’ which gives a list of things the author is doing or wants to do. This link finally gives you a little peek into who this blogger is but it comes so far down the page it kind of gets lost under the archives and links.

Overall I liked the blog. The posts were simple and came across as free from poetry. I’d recommend this site to poetry buffs or readers in search of creative writing. I gave this blog a rating of 5 for it’s poetic form.NULL