Review 3060

The first thing that struck me about this site was it’s beautiful and unique layout called “Crop Circles”. It was really refreshing to see a blog which has had a lot of effort put into it’s design. While I don’t think the blogger actually designed it themselves, I still appreciate the fact that they wanted to make their blog different!

The name also struck me as being interesting. Edgewater. What could that mean? Maybe it’s some obscure town near the sea or maybe it’s about the life of a person who’s depressed and is near the edge. I was praying it wasn’t the latter! Then I noticed the blogs slogan “I’m just skimming the surface”. This immediately made the name an awful lot less cryptic then I initially thought and now I know the blog is about the life of the blogger, but supposedly not an in-depth blog about it!

Now you may have noticed that so far in this review I have simply referred to the author as the “blogger” which gives little insight to the actual person! From what I could find, the “blogger” is a teenage girl that likes photography, attends school and likes people to use proper grammar (don’t we all?). She seems to be nearly addicted to blogging as she blogs multiple times everyday! In her spare time she likes to review other blogs for this very site which makes me relatively nervous knowing that a fellow reviewer will be analysing this review!

About the actual content though, I must say I found it very hard to get into the posts and relate to them! Not just because I’m a member of the opposite sex, but because she constantly refers to her friends who she tells us precious little about which immediately narrows down the potential audience. The blog only caters for her personal friends and it’s incredibly difficult for an outsider to read the blog and fully understand and appreciate whats going on!

If there was more time spent on describing who these people were then this blog would be a lot more user-friendly and I wouldn’t have left this site with more questions then I had upon visiting it! To sum it all up, this blog is a personal blog, whose personality isn’t shining as brightly as I think it could.