Review 3051

When I first read the name of this blog, the young adolescent male inside of me jumped up and down and said “Awesome!” For some reason I knew this was going to be an interesting site to look at, er I mean read.

So the page loads and I am given a bright pink background with a slightly modified word press layout. There are ads a plenty on this site (and why wouldn’t there be) and all of your standard blog links (rss, my yahoo, archives, etc…) It was disappointing that the author didn’t even create a header graphic with an image in it, but I guess they wanted the advertising space.

So the blog itself is more like a catalog of items that you can purchase. The descriptions are short, maybe two sentences long and when you click “continue reading” you are given another two. This is not a blog in your standard idea. You don’t get to know anything about anything. Sure there are descriptions about each item, but seriously I was expecting articles on lingerie. Stuff about how it empowers women, what’s hot this season, and articles on changes in the industry. Victoria’s Secret just had a big event and no word on that.

This is not a blog, it is a sales catalog. There is no reason I would go to this site on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. In fact, I don’t ever see myself returning to this site. I give it a 1 only because they do update regularly and have a good idea just poor execution.