Review 3037

My initial impression, confused. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ on this blog. Links, advertisements, and lots and lots of text. The title of the blog didn’t really give me any insight into what I might find on this blog. There were two links to the author’s profile which gave quite a bit of information. Arloo is created by Wai Pyo who is a student at Assumption University in Thailand. In his profile he talks a little bit about how Arloo came to be and what you can expect to find regarding content.

The posts were kind of all over the place, some were about tricks and tips relating to computers, some were jokes, one liners, quotes of the day. The nice thing about this site is that across the top of the home page there are links which organize all the links into groups. I found this much easier to navigate through the site rather than just scrolling down the page. I thought the computer tips and tricks were pretty basic and most likely wouldn’t keep the interest of too many readers. I liked the quote posts the best, they were organized by date and always included the author of the quote. The Books link takes you to a page which requires you to navigate away from the site which can lead your reader astray but I did like the format of the Jokes and Cartoons pages because they are organized by the types of humor rather than by date.

This blog is using a basic blogger template, nothing too flashy and it seems to work for this particular blog. There are too many extras, many links, advertisements, and it draws attention away from the blog itself. The page seems cluttered with all the extras so I found it kind of hard to concentrate.

Overall this is a pretty average blog but one of the downfalls is that it doesn’t really target a particular audience. If you came across this blog you may click around and have a laugh or two at some of the jokes, but it probably would not be a place you’d visit twice.