Review 3030

An Acne Care and Treatment weblog isn’t normally something I would find myself reading for pleasure. With the opportunity to review it, though, I thought I might end up learning a few things. I can definitely say I did.

This weblog starts off its posting history in September 2005, with a post describing just why this blog is here “helping you find a solution to clearing up your annoying acne”. The author/authors of this site are very consistent in posting and do a fine job of posting information on acne.

The posts cover so many different acne-related topics. Readers can find information on different potential cures and prevention tactics for acne, how adolescents can work towards facing acne, and absolutely anything else acne-related. A big part in an informational weblog such as this one is the credibility of the posts. The author not only posts the pertinent information in each post, but also provides a link at the end of the post where readers can continue reading on the subject.

The site is updated using WordPress, and the template is a default WordPress template. IT lists the archives on the side by the month, but also by topic, which is a helpful way of sorting them with this type of weblog. Also useful in a weblog that’s full of so much information is the search tool, which searches the entire site for exactly the information a reader could need.

With the popularity of blogging growing every day, it’s no surprise that there’s even a weblog being written about Acne Care and Acne Treatment Information. With such a defined topic of blogging, this type of site won’t capture the interest of just every random blog reader. That being said, if acne care and treatment information is something that you find interesting or would like to learn more about, this is definitely the spot to do it