Review 3027

When I visited this blog I thought I’d find some funny baby/toddler stories, after all it’s a catchy title. I was disappointed right away when I saw the most recent post was from September ’05. This blogger hasn’t really updated with any new posts for more than a month. When I looked through the archives it was clear, she was a sporadic blogger. There also wasn’t much info on the author herself. There wasn’t a link to her profile, no clue where she lives or what part of the country she resides or even what country she’s in. Basically the only info you see is that this blog is written by a mom with two kids. For me, that loses my interest right away because no personal connection can be made to the author.

The posts are generally all alike, random bits of info about toddler happenings. The posts are not very long and there isn’t enough information to keep the readers interest. I was a little disappointed when searching through the archives because the posts were sporadic and never really followed any sort of pattern.

The design of the blog is simple, just a plain template provided by blogger. There were no links or extras provided, just a few archives with a few posts in each.

I gave this blog a low rating because I wouldn’t recommend this blog a visit. The blog really doesn’t offer much to keep a reader interested.