Review 3026

The site looked very personal right from my initial run-through of the weblog. As I went through a couple of posts, this thought was confirmed.

I would not venture that the posts are interesting to the core. Nevertheless, I found the posts to have an under-current that pulled me to read the other posts. Reading through, I got to know more about the person and the ups and downs the author goes through her life. The weblog had love, hate, misery, dejection and so many other emotions, their causes, their effects and sometimes their solutions. The author has poured her struggles in most of the posts.

The design is simple and good. The template used is one available on blogger with a few tweaks adding additional links. There is no unwanted information crowding the site. So reading through the site is a pleasure. The design is more suited for 800X600 resolution monitors. However, it does not look bad on a monitor that supports more resolution.

Judging by the amount of comments left on each post on the weblog I would say it is one of the popular weblogs, albeit for a particular crowd. Taking everything into consideration, it is a good site for people interested in the everyday life situations and problems one comes across. Are you looking for a weblog that reflects life in its scariest and glories moments in a normal life? Then this weblog is for the likes of you, my friend.