Review 3025

At first glance this site’s structure is simple, simple headings, simple layout, simple design. I expected to find posts about the trials and tribulations of being a father, and that’s exactly what I did find.

The posts on this blog are pretty straight forward, nothing too deep, just basic information about the every day life of a father. I did find some of the posts entertaining but most of them resembled each other so the uniqueness was a bit lacking. I did like that he seems to post a lot of pictures of his kids and the events he’s describing, it allows you to become more familiar with the author.

I liked the design of the blog. It’s a simple frame web page with the links across the top so it makes it easy to find archives, links, and extras. The basic design supports the content of the blog, simple design, simple posts.

One of the extra features I did like was a provided link for some extra blog tools. The author provides some really great ideas to fellow bloggers and easy access to obtain them.

Although this blog didn’t explode off the page with creativity or thought-provoking content, I did like reading the posts. I’d recommend this site to other parents especially fathers who can relate.NULL