Review 3023

Just looking at the title of this blog, it’s obvious that it’s a Christian blog. I myself am not a Christian but I’m very interested in religion and philosophy, so this gets points for that right away.

The design is a three-column layout that’s simple but full of things. There are Google ads, which is always something I frown upon. I also don’t like how every single post is shown on the first page… it takes awhile for it to scroll down and it just seems never-ending and overwhelming.

The entries are pretty good. Again, this is obviously a Christian blog, and I know some people who would definitely not be interested, but myself being agnostic and curious find it quite entertaining. As far as my opinion goes, the entries are great for the author. Not what I’d write about, but good all the same.

There happen to be a lot of extras on this blog. There are various Christian-targeted searches for songs, MP3’s, and other Christian websites, as well as plenty of links. If you’re looking for other Christian sites to go to, these extras will probably appeal to you; otherwise they’ll just appear as clutter.

In all, there are just as many things I liked about this blog as things I didn’t. The design is average, the blog is cluttered, but the entries are good. It wouldn’t be fair for me to give this blog anything other than a 3 out of 5.NULL