Review 3022

Inconsistency – that’s the first word I have that describes the weblog simply titled “poetry…” The sites is updated very sporadically. The archives list includes only seven months of archives that begin in December 2002 and end in July 2005. Each month, there’s never more than just a few poems that have been posted. All together, there are 15 posts. It’s definitely not enough to keep readers coming back unless they know the author on a personal level.

According to the Blogger profile linked on this site, the author is Abhinav Shankar, a 22-year-old research analyst from India. He lists a few interests, but other than that, this is all we learn about the person behind this poetry.

My main reason for not scoring this weblog any higher is simple. I wasn’t sure if the poems were written by Abhinav or if they were just poems he likes. Some entries are listed with the author of the poem, and others are not. Maybe it’s safe to assume that the unaccredited poems are written by the author of this weblog, but everyone knows what happens when you assume.

The poetry itself, as infrequent as it is, flows very nicely. The author uses a good amount of personal emotion, which allows readers to somewhat see into the author’s life. He tries different formats of poetry, which also lets readers know that, as a poet, Abhinav is certainly open to new things and not afraid to try something different than what he’s used to doing.

The layout is a Blogger template. Not a surprise since the site is hosted at It doesn’t take away from the site, nor does it add anything special to it.

I felt like this site lacked a little bit of everything. There’s no consistency in posting, there’s no way for a reader to feel a personal connection with the author. If the author’s goal is to keep people coming back on a regular basis, one of those two things needs to start happening. If the author’s intension it just to have a place to post his poetry, so he can go back and read it from time to time, then I suppose he has accomplished that goal.