Review 3017

When I first arrived to this site — Oh, no… another Blogger blog. It’s not that I dislike Blogger, it’s just… well, that’s exactly it, actually. I know, some of you really like Blogger and will stand behind it no matter what, but I must stick with my dislike for it. Sorry to any Blogger fans that I may have just annoyed or even offended.

When we get to the posts on this blog, it seems very blah. This is the blog of Mark McLellan, a British Blogger (part of the Blogging Brits webring) who put his personality type in his profile.

The design of this blog is very simple, and a little bit frustrating. There are links at the top, above the blog entries, and more content below the entries as well. There’s a blogroll and a few buttons to click, and a few extra things… for the most part, nothing special.

As far as extras go this site is empty. There’s the TTLB ecosystem description and the links to places that this blog is linked, and a Blogger profile (which comes standard on all Blogger templates, let me remind you) but other than that, you aren’t really going to find anything interesting.

While this isn’t a bad blog, it could definitely use some work. If the author took some time to make the template look better and make the posts more interesting, this could easily be a good blog, but until then it’s going to get stuck with a 2.NULL