Review 3016

The initial impression of “Hero of Nobody” isn’t all that good – I am initially struck by your standard generic weblog template, one of the worst too. Whoever said design doesn’t count when arriving at a blog never read the statement “first impression count”. The blog however is very much in its infancy, only really been up and running since August 2005, and apparently this is his first attempt at a weblog, so for now at least my questions about design and layout will be put aside.

I get the impression from the initial few entries that this is very much a “lads blog”. Its opinionated, and is crammed up the rim with rants – some more amusing than other, but overall fairly well written. I’m now saying however that I particularly enjoyed his style or the content, but he has his own style and I am sure it would appeal to some – especially those who enjoy rant and rambling blogs!

I touched on my thoughts of the design above, its not all that inspiring, and sadly in the world of blog, first impressions count. The design, like some of the entries, seems to have been chosen without any real thought (although I do think part of the beauty of many of his entries are that are they are written on the cuff, straight from his thoughts). Its generic, it doesn’t inspire me, but it the font is easy to read, and its easy to navigate. In a young blog, particularly one where the writer is just trying out the medium, one cant really expect any more than that.

I’m a little in two minds about this site. I like the way the entries are written, as though they have been transferred straight from thought to the written page without any real thought for editing – that, in the case of a blog for rambling is often a method that works. Its content, whilst doesn’t appeal to me, is likely to attract like minded people who don’t mind the odd swear word, and quite like to read often musing rants about what an individual has experienced in their lives. The blog, as with many in their early stages, has a long way to go to be a blog that would draw me back on a regular basis, but it’s a fair start – I’ve seen a lot worse. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, but a good start all the same.NULL