Review 3016

A name of Hero of Nobody gave me lots of options to play with. I thought that maybe this guy was a do gooder that didn’t get any recognition. Then I realized this was the real world and not one in a DC comic. So I thought that maybe this was going to be about some guy who used to do drugs and drink, has a nickname of Shelvis and is actually funny. Again, then I realized I was being a little to elaborate with this Hero of Nobody and thought I would just read the site.

Whoa. First thing I noticed was the header that says “Ask yourself, what’s on Shelvis’s mind?” Maybe my super predication powers were kicking in. Actually the first thing I noticed was that this site was using a standard blogger template. It’s not the greatest, being that it is the orange and white one, but it does kind of fit with this disheveled author.

The blog posts are about random every day events that happen or just a random thought he has. Yes this blog could be classified as your average blog, but something about it was striking me differently than your average blog. It took me a minute to realize what that something was, and that was that I was actually laughing out loud to some of his posts and nodding and agreeing with others.

He writes things in a sarcastic and funny tone that is unmatched. The level of detail he goes into with some of the specifics is incredible, but it is not over done to the point of ruining the story.

Overall I really enjoyed this blog. It is a step away from the normal dull I have been finding as of late. My only real complaint is that he has only been blogging since August and I found myself wanting more. I find it ironic that he started this blog because he didn’t want to create an entertainment blog, and yet that is what I was given: pure entertainment.