Review 2910

Luckily, my visit to “The Sound of Muzik” did not
yield the results that I was dreading; that it would be dedicated to a horde of smartly dressed children who have heartfelt, yet somehow nerve-wracking songs about coming of age and a love-struck nanny to
whom they can sing them.
Thankfully it also was not about that
unbearable Muzak that is so popularly heard in dental offices while undergoing procedures that are almost as excruciating as the melodies.

What I did find, was a rather amusing collection of rants and anecdotes that are well written and presented in a simple layout that allows the reader no distractions while browsing the blog. The author has a talent for drawing the reader into his stories and for generating a laugh with most of his posts.

In addition to the lively posts, “The Sound of Muzik” also plays host to several comical links ranging from bathroom etiquette to “Save Toby”, a site dedicated to taking donations to save the life of a bunny facing a future on a dinner table. I was a little disappointed to see that there was not much information about the author himself, however. When I checked the “100 things” link to see what I could discover there, it did not work which was slightly frustrating to me.

Despite the fact that there really wasn’t anything unique about this blog’s design, I felt that the content of “The Sound of Muzik” was interesting as well as funny and holds a lot of future potential pending some minor ‘sprucing up’.The Sound Of Muzik