Review 2910

What can I say about first impressions at the sound of muzik? Well, it has to be the first post I read there entitled “Look At Me! I’m A Hack…er” which had me gaping at the screen open mouthed from the first sentence. Could hacking a site really be this easy thanks to google? If you want to know more I suggest you pay this site a visit and read this post. Second impression, the disclaimer notice, laugh? I nearly cried.

It was a little difficult working out when the weblog started from archives; there were some entries made in January 2004, yet the typical first post was in November 2004. Since he seems to have been posting most consistently since November, I shall assume for the record this was when the blog was born. To be honest, from first look at the design I was expecting your typical blogger content, if that first entry on hacking through google had not caught my eye I might easily have walked away had I been your random visitor. If there is a weblog worth a second look, it is this one. Muzik writes very well, with wit and panache, and he makes me laugh. He can write about the dullest subject in such fashion he makes it entertaining. .

The design is a standard two column blog template with a banner. Its clean, its easy to read, and doesn’t distract from the content. Its not the best I’ve seen, but its not the worst either. All the links worked, and it was relatively easy to navigate. The only real problem I experienced was the tagboard which was “experiencing technical difficulties”. When do they ever experience anything else? If there was anything I would suggest removing, it would be the tagboard, which are OK when they are working but a pain when they aren’t.

For some time I sat gripped by the content of this weblog. Its well written, its witty and humorous. The design lets it down a little, but this can be easily overlooked. When it came at last to rating this weblog I had a difficult time on my hands, normally a 5 rating is only attributed to websites that combine exceptional reading with a good design that works well with the site. Exceptional reading it has, and although the design isn’t mind blowing it is easy to navigate and read. A 5 it is..

The Sound Of Muzik